Coatings description

Amethyst Onyx Lazurit

Textured coating

The legend of our workshop, because it once started the line of tongue drums from Novadrum. It was with the texture that we covered the first instruments and they still retain their original appearance. In addition to the unique style of the tool, this coating is also characterized by strong resistance to the external environment, it perfectly copes with condensation, perfectly resists corrosion and mechanical damage. The feeling when you touch the texture is like the skin of dragon or crocodile, something fabulous and magical. In other words, it is practical choice combined with the attractive and exclusive appearance of tongue drum.

Sand coating

This is new revival of old traditions, it is about the classics. At the very beginning, we only had two main colors, the signature blue and sand-style black. Currently, we have decided to return the possibility to order instruments in these colors. This will be great choice if the textured coating seems rough to you. In addition, it has all the superior properties, such as resistance to corrosion and damage. So sand coating is more about the classics of musical instrument - universal color and protection.

Smooth coating (varnishes)

Lacquer coating occupies special place in the life of our workshop. It is completely smooth surface both for the eyes and for the touch. It is like traces of gasoline stains on the surface of the drum, or the colors of the rainbow, or just a dark blue color of metallics.

Fire technique is type of design when we draw unique patterns on our drums with the help of flames. The shades you see under the varnish are the natural colors of the metal. Each shade has its own temperature. Thus, three main styles of heat treatment appeared they are Summer, Winter and Rainbow.

Therefore, it is ideal for those who seek natural color. Wants shiny and bright attractive tool. Despite all the myths, lacquered instruments are also resistant to moisture, but require more careful treatment and care.