Novadrum 36 Textured Black


NovaDrum – Your personal drum for meditation.

– materials: high carbon steel.
– connecting shells with glue – as in handpan. It makes the sound cleaner.
– we use thinner steel therefore you can easily play with your hands or mallets.
– also, thin steel reduces the weight of the drum, so it is lighter than classic tank drum)
– all the drums by NovaDrum are protected from corrosion, which unfortunately is often found on classic tank drums.
– drum is the accuracy of the notes in 0 on sound tuner.
– 36 notes tuned on the instrument. From 3 to 5 notes on each petal (chord).


We paid all attention to details of the instrument to achieve the best sound quality.
And it is so easy to understand that these drums have many advantages.
We want to give you the best sound, quality and appearance!
Feel free to contact us with any questions and ideas!


Normally it takes 1-2 weeks everywhere.
Drum carefully packaged in a shock-resistant packaging that protects it during shipping.

Novadrum 36 Textured Black

450 $



35сm / 14 inches


14cm / 5,5 inches


3kg / 6,6 pounds

9 rounded tongues

9 notes


D Celtic Minor, D Major, D Pygmy, E Pygmy, E Major, C# Amara


There are three rubber bottoms on the body – for playing on any surface

In the set included

Two wooden sticks with wool tips, instrument bag

Sound Example

Listen via YouTube

* Use headphones for full immersion

How to Choose an Instrument?

Trust Your Intuition

We recommend relying on your hearing and feeling when listening to an instrument. Try to get away from making choices with mind, rely on your heart

Special coating

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Cosmic Sound

Hear the sound of space. Listen to the recording via YouTube


* Use headphones for full immersion