New wooden stand for Steel Drums and Handpans by Nova Drum.

If you want your instrument to have its place and always look beautiful and neat, then this stand is perfect for this.
Also, it can be as interior decoration and the drum just looks great on this stand.

Wooden Stand

$ 30.00


For drums

from 9 to 21 inches

Sound Example

Listen via YouTube

* Use headphones for full immersion

How to Choose an Instrument?

Trust Your Intuition

We recommend relying on your hearing and feeling when listening to an instrument. Try to get away from making choices with mind, rely on your heart

Special coating

Choose a color scheme. We have a store on our website where you can examine the instrument in detail in different coating

Size Selection

Choose the size of the instrument that suits you best. All sizes and weights are available in the store. We also make convenient bags and backpacks that will allow you to travel with your instrument easily

Cosmic Sound

Hear the sound of space. Listen to the recording via YouTube


* Use headphones for full immersion