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Оцінка 5.0 (на основі 60 відгуків)
Оцінка 5.0 (на основі 60 відгуків)

I bought this as a baby shower gift for my best friend and she loves it SO MUCH! She can’t get over how beautiful the sound is and it lullaby’s her baby to sleep every night. She’s in bliss with it. I got the sound called enigma and it is wonderful. Drum is gorgeous. THANK YOU!!


While it took a long time for the drum to arrive, it was ABSOLUTELY worth the wait! The Drum is beautiful, it looks and sounds amazing, it’s MUCH louder than I anticipated and the sound is very clear. The harmonics in the notes are stunning and the notes resonate perfectly. I am SO happy with this and can’t wait to have it as a new addition to my music streams!


Exceeded expectations especially shipping from Kiev in war time. Serves well.


Great work! Amazing sound delay!!! Perfect tuning!!! I really enjoy the sound of this instrument!!! I just waiting for 432 hz scale !!! Thank you! 🙏❤️🙏


This drum is absolutely beautiful! The sound is incredible. I will cherish this drum forever. I highly recommend purchasing from this shop. Their customer service was excellent!!!

Can I give it 6 stars?! 😁 Absolutely, the coolest hand drum I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. The dynamics are really great, and it’s pretty amazing how relaxing it is to play. I already want another one. Thanks Nova Drum, you guys rule!


This was an amazing purchase, everyone who gets in touch with this instrument is mesmerized by it. The sound is perfect. Pavel recommended me the Golden Gate scale, and that choice did not let me down at all. It has a very magical, serene sound to it. The drum is very light, so it’s easy to take with you. Great quality and design + fast shipping.


Наважилась замовити ERA. Я у захваті! Це справді якась магія) Такий нереальний звук, така тактильна поверхня. Навіть без знать нотної грамоти можна грати приємні мелодії. Просто не хочеться випускати з рук. Чудовий інструмент для нервової системи в умовах війни, щоб розслабитися.


Beautiful craftmanship, lovely sound, perfect design, high quality! I love it.

Ante Žunec

A beautiful drum with a Gorgeous sound. I absolutely love the tone and the resonance. I have listened to and played several different brands of tongue drums. NovaDrum is my very favorite. Customer service is great too. Johnny answers all questions, even my dumb ones, patiently and so quickly. And I really appreciated the unexpectedly quick shipping! Thank you so much!

It definitely went to this planet from the space. The magic happens when it sounds. I really love the sound and the feelings it touches. Thank you a lot for this magic. You are masters 🙏

Alla Giyasova

Another great purchase from NovaDrum. B-minor this time. Beautiful scale. Slight re-style with this latest generation. I think it may be a tad softer in sound than the prior model I own. It is very easy to do business with NovaDrum. Questions are quickly answered and orders promptly shipped. Recommended.

Mark Buhl

Дуже задоволений інструментом!
Неймовірне звучання!
Швидка доставка.


The musical instrument sounds beautiful. Both the processing of the material and the color is unique. Despite the war, the tongue drum arrived in 3 weeks. I am very happy and satisfied with this beautiful instrument. Also the customer service, correspondence and packaging was flawless. I can highly recommend NovaDrum to all.

What a Drum! It’s just fun to play and tune in and feel the music 🎶 I’m loving it and could play it all day long! My family loves them too and we are all taking turns. These drums are so well made! Very very special life time pieces that will be cherished for ever and always ❤️🌈

Gina TigerLilly

This was a gift and it was the best gift that keeps on giving. I ended my Thanksgiving night sitting on the floor playing it for awhile. It’s perfect and I recommend to anyone that is interested.


First of all, this shop has an excellent customer service. My drum was especially made for me with the chameleon colour and it turned out perfectly! The heavy quality blowed my mind and the sound of the drum is more than magical. I want to thank the shop owner for this piece of art! The parcel was packed very very good! And shipping was fast!


Great, thank you. Super quick postage. I was anxious about spending so much money at a shop I didn’t know in the Ukraine but the service was great. The novadrum has such a lovely, rich sound too.


Much nicer than anticipated. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but placing my hand pan drum on this display stand is a perfect fit for my 31-inch width drum. I recall this seller recommended this stand for drums up to 22 inches in width. I don’t want to contradict the seller’s recommendation for maximum size requirements. However, this is a solid wood stand that is very sturdy. If you look at my picture where I show my drum displayed, you would have to knock over the very heavy bookshelf for the drum to come off of the stand. I believe this would be a ‘for oversized drums, display at your own risk” situation. I see no risk, but that is my opinion, not the sellers.


Drum arrived very quickly and shipped well. I ordered the 9 Tongue Steel drum .I’m in love with the drum already . It arrived yesterday. I Opened it last night and started playing with it before bed. It’s a lot easier to play with the mallets and sound is louder that way too, but my goal is to eventually be able to play it nicely with my fingertips. Sounds coming from it are soo beautiful. I got it in D Celtic minor. Seller was also easy to work with . Thank you so much!!! I’m glad I found you guys.


Я решил из-за множества хороших отзывов, что мы дадим нашей дочери Nova Drum Mini в начале школы и потому, что вы можете слушать звук на YouTube, что было очень полезно. Так как он должен быть там как раз к началу школы, я заказал апгрейд UPS, и он прибыл очень мега быстро. Моя дочь была в восторге, и действительно все хвалили красивый звук. Спасибо за этот замечательный инструмент.


Супер-вещь глюкофон. Вчера забрал на почте и не могу до сих пор оторваться. Необыкновенно странно-особенный..не знаю как ещё объяснить, но очень крутой инструмент от @novadrum тупа чилл и классное настроение. Советую брать-лучший Антистресс: ещё раз огромное спасибо @novadrum


This drum sounds as beautiful as it looks! Very easy & fun to play, I’m 55 & this is my first musical instrument, ever! I am certain that I will get much enjoyment from this little drum. I would definitely recommend NovaDrum to friends because it feels, looks & sounds like a well-made instrument!!


Я не їздила по країнам і не шукала танг драм, я просто знала, що мій чекає мене саме у вас) дякую за допомогу у виборі! Євгеній приділив достатньо уваги, показав всі драми по декілька разів та зіграв на них, шоб я почула інструмент) такого єдинства з інструментом я ще не відчувала!) дякую, дякую і ще раз дякую!!)


Amazing craftsmanship. Tuned perfectly. Really happy with my purchase. It arrived a little later than expected due to Covid, but well worth the wait. Pavel was responsive to my questions.


I tried to make a video to share how great this drum sounds, but it does not come through on my phone. He custom made me a Golden Gate scale drum in 432hz. The sound of this drum is magical. It is so soothing. I’ve had it for 10 minutes and I’m already in love. This is my third drum that I have ordered from NovaDrum. That says just about everything. But let me add that I took my drums to work where there were other similar types of drums, and out of the three varieties everybody loved the nova drum the best. That says a lot since one of the other drums was from a top selling drum maker who’s drums sell for almost twice as much! It does take a little bit of time to create these drums, they are handmade and there are only a couple people in the shop. they show up pretty quickly once they are shipped. I love my new drum! 🙏 thanks!


Era Onyx .Najwspanialszy instrument w mojej kolekcji (Studio Fal, Kosmosky, Hluru). Oszczędny w formie, co lubię, bo nic nie rozprasza uwagi, ale jakie ma brzmienie! Zakochałam się od pierwszego dźwięku! Używam go do relaksacyjnych sesji w gabinecie masażu i na lekcjach jogi w szkole podstawowej. Nie ma dla dzieci większej nagrody, niż prawo do zagrania na tym instrumencie! Dziękuję za całą radość obcowania z tym dziełem sztuki!


Great tongue drum, beautiful, well made, and great tone! Shipped securely, arrived in a reasonable time, undamaged and as ordered. Highly recommend this seller.

Fast shipping and so awesome communication from the seller, that provided good service true the whole buying process! And the drum ❤️ Couldn’t be happier with it. Everything is so professionally made and in high quality! The shape, the colour, the sound from both sides. Love it!

Andreas Haraldsson

This drum is a superb piece of craftsmanship. The sound is magnificent. I heard this drum first on youtube and feel in love with the sound. The sound my drum makes is impeccable. When I first played it my cats were intrigued and laid around the living room to listen to me play. I am not musically talented and Ive never played a drum before. I feel the vibration and calmness throughout my body. I highly recommend this beautiful piece to anyone looking for something to meditate with or to play for relaxation.

Cara W

Nach kleineren Versandproblemen (die sofort gelöst wurden) trommle ich seit gestern durch … und bin begeistert: der Klang ist voll und rund (erstaunlich bei der Größe), die Haptik ist toll, die Optik auch. Ob langsam und meditativ gespielt oder auch mal in schnelleren Rhythmen – die nova balance macht alles mit. Vielen Dank für dieses schöne Instrument!


Мій барабан виглядає та звучить екзотично та чудово! Я в захваті від якості та майстерності цього барабана. Дякую, Джонні, що відповів на всі мої запитання, поки ми разом не знайшли ідеальний барабан для моїх потреб. Він великий, гарний, і я маю велику підозру, що дуже скоро замовлю ще один. Ліва рука на піаніно, права на моєму Novadrum! Так мирно і заспокійливо в хаотичному світі. Мир Україні від США.

Ruby Norman