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Are you a discerning music enthusiast in search of a distinctive and captivating instrument that will immerse you in a realm of harmonious melodies and captivating rhythms? Your quest ends here!
Indulge in the immersive experience of our dynamic and fervent tongue drums community where the alluring tones of these enchanting instruments spring to life. Join us on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and ignites your passion for rhythm and melody.
As an exclusive member, enjoy a complimentary master class and unlock other amazing bonuses to enhance your musical exploration. Join NovaDrum today and elevate your musical experience to new heights!

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We produce a unique product:

1. Musical instruments that easy to play and improvise.
-Our drums have rich and harmonic sound
-Each petal tuned from two to seven harmonics.
2. The model range of our workshop is result of development since 2016.
-After analyzing all advantages, we put them in one instrument - Novadrum.
3. You can create your own unique melody.
-While playing you will plunge into a new world of music.
-These drums and their vibrations work with emotional state.

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Discover your musical abilities

Explore the realm of your musical abilities with our exceptional products. We specialize in crafting unique musical instruments designed for easy playability and improvisation. Our drums boast a rich and harmonic sound, with each petal meticulously tuned to produce two to seven harmonics.

The culmination of years of development since 2016, our workshop's model range has carefully integrated all analyzed advantages into one extraordinary instrument - the Novadrum.

Embark on a journey of creativity as you discover the ability to create your own unique melodies. Immerse yourself in a new world of music while playing these drums, where the harmonious vibrations seamlessly synchronize with your emotional state. Elevate your musical experience with NovaDrum, where innovation meets the art of sound.

  • Our drums suit to everyone

    Due to the wide selection of scales and size - everyone will be able to choose an instrument for themselve!

  • Benefit of playing

    The fact that steel tongue drums are develop imagination, improve motor skills and stimulates memory.

  • Musical therapy

    Even 10-20 minutes of playing a day relieve stress and fatigue, will give a boost of energy and help to relax.

Novadrum as a lifestyle

“We love our business and dedicate ourselves to it completely. Therefore, our work will not leave you indifferent.”

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