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Novadrum 48 9+1 Pro Kit 🔥

Novadrum 48 9+1 Pro Kit 🔥

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🔥 Hot deal: Tongue Drum + Pro Kit at a Special price 🔥

1️⃣ Pro Kit includes:
Soft Case
Wooden Stand
Rope Braid
Pair of Mallets
Oil for drum care

2️⃣ We offer 7 scales to choose
1. D Celtic Minor (click for sound)
2. D Major (click for sound)
3. C# Amara (click for sound)
4. C# Pygmy (click for sound)
5. C Arboreal (click for sound)
6. C Golden Gate (click for sound)
7. B Celtic Minor (click for sound)

- Diameter 48сm =19 inches
- Weight 4kg = 7,5 pounds
- Height 18cm = 7 inches
- 10 rounded tongues with 2-5 overtones in each

The largest model in our line: Novadrum 48 - is an exceptional drum designed for an unparalleled sound experience. Crafted from high-quality heat-treated Stainless Steel, biggest and most exciting instrument with deep tones and long sustain.

Tongue drums by NovaDrum is high quality product made in a craft workshop.
All of our drums are carefully controlled at every stage of production.
Choosing Novadrum you will get a lot of positive emotions, the opportunity to develop your musical talent, creativity and have a great time while playing.

Join the worldwide tonguedrum and handpan community with NovaDrum!

Shipping & Returns

All drums in stock - available for order.
Processing time 1-3 days.
Worldwide Express shipping via UPS/ FedEx/ DPD.
1. 3-10 days on the way (EU countries).
2. 5-12 days on the way (USA/ Other countries).
3. Each drum is carefully packaged.
4. We control the tracking of each parcel.
*all tongue drums in the store In Stock and Available for order.
*we accept pre-orders, production time up to 3 weeks (for clarification - contact with us).

Care Instructions

- Do not wet
- Do not drop
- Protect from direct sunlight (do not overheat)
- Control the force when hitting the petals
- Treat like any other musical instrument

Is your drum of stainless? This still needs some care:

- Lube: Apply a few drops of oil to the surface of the drum.

- Wipe: Use fiber to cover the instrument completely.

- Repeat: Do this regularly - at least once a month.

These simple rules will help your drum live longer!

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