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Novadrum 48 12+1

Novadrum 48 12+1

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From 2 to 5 overtones on each petal – chords tuning system.
The largest model in our workshop is an exceptional drum designed for an unparalleled sound experience. With a lot of petals, this drum has an impressive presence and draws attention with its impressive size.

We offer 7 scales to choose:
D Kurd (click for sound)
2. D Major (click for sound)
3. D La Sirena (click for sound)
D Avalon (coming soon)
B Celtic Minor (click for sound)
B Major (click for sound)
7. A Amara (click for sound)

- Diameter 48сm =19 inches
- Weight 4kg = 7,5 pounds
- Height 18cm = 7 inches
- 13 rounded tongues with 2-5 overtones in each

In the set included:
- Mallets for playing

Tongue drums by NovaDrum is high quality product made in a craft workshop.
All of our drums are carefully controlled at every stage of production.
Choosing Novadrum you will get a lot of positive emotions, the opportunity to develop your musical talent, creativity and have a great time while playing.

Join the worldwide tonguedrum and handpan community with NovaDrum!

Shipping & Returns

All drums in stock - available for order.
Processing time 1-3 days.
Worldwide Express shipping via UPS/ FedEx/ DPD.
1. 3-10 days on the way (EU countries).
2. 5-12 days on the way (USA/ Other countries).
3. Each drum is carefully packaged.
4. We control the tracking of each parcel.
*all tongue drums in the store In Stock and Available for order.
*we accept pre-orders, production time up to 3 weeks (for clarification - contact with us).

Care Instructions

- Do not wet
- Do not drop
- Protect from direct sunlight (do not overheat)
- Control the force when hitting the petals
- Treat like any other musical instrument

Is your drum of stainless? This still needs some care:

- Lube: Apply a few drops of oil to the surface of the drum.

- Wipe: Use fiber to cover the instrument completely.

- Repeat: Do this regularly - at least once a month.

These simple rules will help your drum live longer!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Awesome ....awesome

7th Novadrums....

This stainless steel one sounded better....clear, long sustain

No regret...a MUST have tongue drum

Andrej Doms
A pleasure to play

Maybe I should have bought the regular 9 tone drum as my first instrument, but as a trained musician on bass and keys, I was sure, that I can master the extended range of this beautiful instrument. (there are tons of videos on standard range drums, but none on how to play with the extended range) But I adapted to that quicky and I find the Novadrum a pleasure to play, very meditative approach. It sound rich and beautiful and it is a beautiful and very well crafted. And I supported people in Ukraine this way, which I consider a bonus. :) The extended range makes learning to play a little more challenging, but once I got my head around this and the technique to make the 3 high notes sing started to settle into my neurons, the additional notes make so much fun and they really shine when played correctly. Thumbs up for the guys at Novadrum for the exceptionally fast delivery and information around that.